One Piece Episode 967 Review

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“Devoting His Life! Roger’s Adventure!”

With this episode, the Log Pose has pointed up and it’s time to head to Skypiea, which of courses can be even better presented now than it could back in the day – though that journey itself was a lot of fun way back when with its weirdness. Spending time with the Ponegliff from back then, seeing Oden be useful in deciphering it, and just the general feel of it has that lighter superficial aspect that works because it’s not getting caught up in a lot of things. Partially, as Oden realizes, because Roger has little time left in his life overall and intends to help him. It’s amusing getting such a streamlined adventure here compared to the hundred or so episodes we spent in Skypiea with Luffy and their adventures. There are some fun similarities as well throughout in the brief time that makes it worthwhile.

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The back half of the episode continues the nostalgia trip for fans with the Water 7 destination being hit up next and it’s definitely amusing to watch these versions of characters interact with others that we knew from before from decades later, such as Tom and more. We like that Oden’s wonder shines through with it and that we get time with some very familiar characters in a new light. The episode covers a lot of ground once past those nods as we skim by Sabaody and head under the sea as well to deal with the Fish-Men and more, but the small nods are the ones I like, such as what Roger hears that nobody else does and just how he handles things in general while he deals with Neptune during one of his more amusingly problematic periods.

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In Summary:

Singing out loud, the Roger Pirates continue on with their journey. They soar up to the island above the clouds and go down into the deep sea to get to the island at the sea bottom. Oden deciphers the Ponegliffs on those islands for Roger who believes those inscriptions will tell them the location of the last island on the Grand Line.


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