One Piece Episode 968 Review

one piece-968-Roger-laughts-finds one piece

“The King of the Pirates is Born! Arriving at the Last Island!”

In today's episode Roger and his crew found themselves back in Wano as they’re going after the next Ponegliff that they need after the recent discoveries. This isn’t a wonderful reunion or anything upon Oden’s return and it goes in a rather bad way, though not unexpected, as Oden intends to keep on journeying with Roger. This is something that Kin’emon and the rest just can’t understand because they want him to help get things working proper in Wano but he’s just intent on being back in the sea. As he says, he was away for four years but couldn’t stay more than four hours before wanting to get back on his way. It reinforces what this journey has become for him and how intensely he feels about it, which is something that pretty much any member of the crew can understand as well.

one piece-968-oden back to wano

As with the last few episodes, we do appreciate the time that we get with some of the crew, notably with Buggy and Shanks and the two definitely have some fun here where buggy gets taken down a bit. It’s amusing just in that but I like the smaller moments where we get Shanks watching over him protectively and then having both Roger and Oden doing the same for both of the boys. It’s some welcome little moments in the lives of these characters and the smaller hardships they’ve faced at times, including some of the splitting off from Roger for a bit as well to deal with issues.

one piece-968-buggy-shanks

In Summary:

Oden and the Roger Pirates head for the Land of Wano to obtain a copy of the Road Ponegliff. Oden sees Kin’emon and the others for the first time in years, but he immediately returns to the sea leaving his wife and children behind. Then, after stopping by at the Mokomo Dukedom and getting a copy of the last Road Ponegliff, the Roger Pirates finally make it to the last island.


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  • Kelly

    Finally they found the last island. Nice episode! 👊

  • Steven

    Guys! Whos is Joy Boy eventually???

  • John

    Roger made me laught too 😅😅😅

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