One Piece Episode 969 Review


“To the Land of Wano! The Roger Pirates Disband!”

The return of Roger with the others, bringing them back into contact with others that have been ashore for a while, provides for a good reunion. Again, Shanks and Buggy hit a special moment here because of the long association with them and it’s enjoyable to watch that kind of bond play out. This was all the start of the big change in the world with the formal King of the Pirates which the Navy then started going after more forcefully. What you do see is the misinformation campaign play out as the World Government operates to control the narrative, including what they call the One Piece, which amuses Roger overall. But it’s a narrative thing that Roger can’t control himself for the most part so it’s definitely dangerous. But there are positives to it that he can run with as well.


Roger’s disbanding of his crew is one that’s met about as expected but I like the humility from him in acknowledging that they came too early into this world and that there will be another that will surpass them in some magnificent way. There will always be that. Following that with his disembarking the ship and putting that part of his life behind him, as little life remains thanks to his illness, was presented really well as a way to close that storyline. Similarly, Oden’s return to Wano brings things full circle there with him coming back to Toki and the kids and it just being a beautiful celebration between them. There’s some decent time reconnecting with various characters here and seeing where Wano is at this point, and how people have forgotten some of Oden’s more foolish ways. The show returns quickly to dealing with the “local politics” aspect of things and that just slows it all down pretty hard, which didn’t surprise me as Oden catches up on what’s happened while away.


In Summary:

After reaching Laugh Tale, Roger declares the disbanding of his pirate group and disembarks first. Oden gets dropped off at the Land of Wano and reunites with his family and retainers. Later, he hears that Orochi took over the country with the help of a strong pirate named Kaido after the Shogun Sukiyaki’s death and becomes enraged by stories of his tyrannical acts.


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  • Austin

    Omg Oden was so angry!

  • Andy

    It was a good episode. I am waiting for the next :D

  • Kevin

    The scene with Shanks crying made me cry too…

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