One Piece Episode 972 Review

oden-vs-kaido-The End of the Battle! Oden vs. Kaido-episode 972

“The End of the Battle! Oden vs. Kaido!”

With Kaido now on the mainland and causing a whole lot of destruction between himself and the vast army that he has, Oden and his team are doing their best to push back and fight against it all. There are always those of name and power that step in the way of the rabble to fight with Oden, some of which we know from past/future episodes with fights that Luffy has been involved with in regards to them, so there are some nice ties there that help to bind things a little more formally. But for Oden, it’s really all about going after Kaido and trying to take him down. It still feels kind of silly in a way that I can’t quite pin, but I do love the nature of all the floating length of Kaido through the darkened skies and seeing how Oden struggles to navigate that and attack at the same time.

oden-vs-kaido-The End of the Battle-episode 972

With events going as known and Oden and the rest jailed after the battle, the land of Wano, at least in some areas, reverts back to the semi-peaceful place where the citizens have no idea what’s going on and just embrace the fact that they’re not in the midst of a war anymore. There are a few character moments dealt with here and there until we get the public execution announcement made, which certainly sets a tone for the ten and a citizenry that’s never seen a public boiling before. It’s played for all the seriousness that you’d expect, but it does suffer from the whole “we know the future” aspect of it. What’s more interesting are the reactions around the edges from the citizens and the like as well as the way Oden makes his calm request to live – even as someone’s life ends in a sadly comical way.

the End of the Battle-episode 972

In Summary:

Kaido comes to the mainland along with his troops to fight against Oden and the Akazaya samurai who were on their way to raid Kaido’s mansion. Even though Oden’s group are unprepared and outnumbered, they fight hard to save the future of the Land of Wano.


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