One Piece Episode 973 Review

Oden-Boiled to Death-episode973

“Boiled to Death! Oden’s One-hour Struggle!”

With Oden having attempted to make the deal for his crew to survive this if he can handle being in the boiling pot, he’s been given an hour to survive with what comes across as an iron-clad agreement with Kaido. Kaido, in his own way, has his own sense of honor that works and you can see him wanting to watch this unfold and take advantage of it as no matter the outcome it can work for him in the long run. Oden’s pain within the pot is intense and everyone is ready to join him in it, but Oden is intent on him being the only one that will go through this. It’s his burden to bear in his mind and he makes it a literal thing by stopping them when they’re on the plank and holding them while within the pot. It’s a brutal-looking sequence even if it is so literal and obvious like that that even Kaido agrees that it qualifies as all of them being in the pot.

oden saves his crew-boiled to death

That said, Kaido is terrible all around as we see more of what’s going on here and how Orochi is working things in order to assert full control over Wano. A flashback within the flashback shows what Oden is fighting for and how people were set as tributes to Kaido to feed his needs. The good versus evil aspect of this storyline was never in doubt but it’s distilled down to such bluntness that it does, in some ways, reduce its impact. But what helps to offset that are the visuals, such as the Kaido/Oden fight that we see in this episode where the animation is just gorgeous across the board and really delivers a great sequence. 

kaido vs oden

In Summary:

Oden and the Akazaya members are sentenced to death by boiling in a pot. Oden asks for a chance to survive which is accepted by Kaido. Then, Oden enters the boiling pot holding his retainers over his head. Shinobu watches from among the spectators and reveals what Oden had been doing to save the country, to the surprise of the citizens.


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  • Peter A.

    This episode made me sad…

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