One Piece Episode 975 Review


“The Castle on Fire! The Fate of the Kozuki Clan!”

A lot of what we get here is the kind of end-of-game epilogue wrapup stuff of sorts as we get more of the pieces into place where some of them will remain until we catch up with them in the present. With the mindset of everyone staying alive until the day they can help realize Oden’s dream of opening up the country, we get Shinobu bringing back everyone their weapons in secret and helping them to remember the larger mission. And that has Kin’emon and his group heading to Oden Castle where Oden’s family is still at in order to save them. But we know what kind of creature that Kaido is and with orders out there to kill so many people, it’s a pretty nice action sequence to watch Kin’emon and the rest make that journey.


There are a bunch of little movements that occur throughout this as well, including a bit with Kaido that makes it clear that his future is not as grand as he thinks it is as the place burns around him, but he has to believe otherwise because he can’t lose faith in himself and listen to Momonosuke. One of the bigger moments, however, is when Toki gets to make her prophecy amid the flames to the townspeople that are in a panic even as she’s shot and abused from a distance. Giving this sliver of hope to those that remain here is important and it sets into motion the larger chain of events that we already know, making this a mildly closed loop at last.


In Summary:

As Kin’emon and the others run to Oden Castle to save Oden’s family, the castle is set on fire and Kaido attacks Toki and her children. Leaving Momonosuke to Kin’emon and Hiyori to Kawamatsu, Toki appears in front of the desperate people of the Land of Wano and gives a prophecy.


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