One Piece Episode 976 Review


“Back to the Present Day! 20 Years Later!”

This episode focuses on the smaller movements of things in how the characters started to reconnect and come back together, which we saw the results of previously, but now with a bit more emotional context since all that they went through with Oden has been revealed in full. Hiyori’s the one with the greatest emotional element to her but at the same time she allows others to connect with her through that and express themselves as well after all that they’ve been through. A good portion of it is focused on Denjiro as he wears another name and face for the moment and he’s able to fill in others on what’s going on and how to be prepared and wary as to how events will unfold, all while holding onto hope for the future.


In Summary:

After 20 years since Oden Castle burned down, Oden’s surviving retainers are working hard separately at their own missions, believing in Toki’s prophecy. The day of the Fire Festival has finally come and the whole army is now getting ready to head for Onigashima to raid Kaido!


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  • Sarah

    I always knew Denjiro was something more than we have seen!

  • Mathew

    Finally we get to see some action!

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