One Piece Episode 978 Review

Luffy-Kid-Law- Worst Generation-mugiwaras

“The Worst Generation Charges in! The Battle of the Stormy Sea!”

The first half does a nice job of lining up the various characters that are going to be involved at this point. But we do get some nice time with just the Straw Hats plotting a bit, though again it’s mostly Nami making actual plans while hoping that everyone else keeps along with it. But it also takes a twist when the Sunny, docked nearby, got attacked. It’s a nice little flashback to show how the Straw Hats were doing just prior to this and how their ship is as strong as it is but still ready to do battle here with Kin’emon and the rest. But yes, it’s mostly a lot of posing and some exposition to highlight where everyone has come from.

Luffy-Kid-Law- Worst Generation

The rest of the episode has some minor action to it though again it just feels like a lot of posing and showing off personalities, which is fine because a bit of a reconnect doesn’t hurt at this point. With it taking place along the coast on board the ships and with Luffy standing so boldly in the rain, it definitely clicks and has its moments of amusement with Luffy getting into a bit of argument with some of the others, like Law, on who will get first blood basically. It allows for some old-school Luffy silliness while trying to hold onto how cool he looks in the cloak while getting ready for battle in the rain. It definitely delivers the kind of fight and connection for viewers like us that just couldn’t get with the recent flashback arc, even as much as we ended up liking Oden overall by the end.

Luffy-bounce man- Worst Generation-mugiwaras

In Summary:

Luffy, Law, and Kid join the Akazaya samurai and begin to fight Kaido’s army. The three rivals from the Worst Generation compete with each other as they attack the enemy fleet with their ultimate skills. When it seems like they gain upper hand in the battle, another strong enemy appears to help Kaido’s army.


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