One Piece Episode 979 Review


“Good Luck?! Leader Kin’emon’s Plot!”

In today's episode,we do get some Straw Hat time here, much of what we do get is focused on the Akazaya guys and the plan that Kin’emon is trying to push forward with. They have to deal with problems from the past that have caused betrayals and anger that has lasted for a long time as well. So there is a decent amount of angst to work with, particularly with Denjiro and his longterm plan to try and help while keeping himself hidden from the spy within Kin’emon’s group. His freeing many samurai and getting them set to sail is one of the things that will help to turn the tide of this war as they’re filled with the same kind of years of pent-up anger and desire to change the course of history in their homeland.


With everything coming together as it is, it’s good to see some emotion on some of their faces over it, from the Straw Hats seeing what they’ll be able to accomplish to Kin’emon realizing just how many people are backing them and Oden’s dream. But even with that, Kin’emon knows that this may be his final battle and he intends to put all into it, knowing that he may have used up a whole lot of luck just to get to this point. But the reinforcement of the bond he has with the others is good to see and the way that everyone is rallying around his sword now, which really does take a lot for him to accept overall considering the history of this fight. It’s a moment of solid maturity for a character that i really struggled with when he first appeared and left a bad taste in my mouth with his antics.


In Summary:

The Akazaya members are surprised by help from their old mate and Kin’emon notices he made a big mistake which has luckily saved all his allies. As their battle against Kaido’s army heats up, the cornered Kanjuro makes a stunning move.


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