One Piece Episode 984 Review


“Luffy Goes Out of Control?! Sneaking into Kaido’s Banquet!”

With the push toward the castle now, we do get to see the scale of the forces being aligned against Kaido, some 5,000 strong, with some really big key players in the mix. You can’t discount the abilities of those like the Straw Hats and Law and his group as equalling hundreds if not more regular men per person with what they’re capable of. And everyone is primed big time for this, even to the point of wearing matching leather straps across so many crews. In the end, however, there’s simply a lot of trust in everyone to do their parts in the fight. Law does frustrate me a bit here in how he talks about Luffy, using him as a diversion of sorts, but denying to the others that he’s a friend. I get it but at the same time, they’ve clearly shown them well within that category.


The show plays a good bit of action throughout it but a lot of it is mixed with the posing and posturing with the video game-style backgrounds flashing behind them that shifts to illustrated stills. Those are cute and fun but that come alongside things like Kanjuro dragging Momonosuke through the tunnels killing off people there quickly and simply. The back end of the episode kind of moves throughout different things here, including a lot of drinking going on, as we see just how Kaido runs things to keep his troops fully in line inside the castle. And all that does here is to set off Zoro after spending so much time in this place and getting to know the commoners so well. To see how they’re mocked by thee terrible people, well, it’s no surprise that he’s pushed over the edge.


In Summary:

Eustass Kid and his clan start heading for Kaido’s castle head on waving Luffy off. Luffy and Zoro go after them to stop them from causing trouble, but they happen to step into Kaido’s banquet. Meanwhile, Kanjuro loses his way to Kaido in underground passages with Momonosuke who he kidnapped in tow.


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