One Piece Episode 985 Review

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“Thinking of Otama! Luffy’s Furious Strike!”

With the team making their way into Kaido’s place more, we get to see how they react to the absolute waste going on in there. Knowing just how bad it is for the citizens of Wano out there with everyone on the edge of absolute starvation, seeing such waste really gets to both of them in similar ways. Luffy’s more outgoing with it whereas Zoro has a bit more quiet intensity to him but both are ready to just lose it when it comes to seeing this and wanting to tear down everything in front of them. That’s set up while we see what’s going on with various members of Kaido’s elite there as he assigns them their tasks and you can see the jockeying for position that’s coming into the mix, especially since some see things as a “family matter” and less of what they themselves should be involved in. But Kaido’s power and status keep all involved in the end.

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The back half works the Luffy and Zoro sid better, including some nice if brief stylish moments of black and white to really accent it, but I just loved the moment where so many are running away from Luffy and run past Zoro that Zoro realizes that it must be where Luffy is. The two keep growing increasingly angry about what they’ve seen there with the banquet halls and waste that it’s driving them into more action. And that is, in its own way, helping others on their side that are working their own missions so they can move forward amid all the distractions. But realistically, it’s one of those things where I really do appreciate that both Luffy and Zoro feel this way, and Zoro in particular for having spent longer here, because it does touch on one of the big key things we learned from almost the start of the Wano arc proper with how bad things are for your average citizen.

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In Summary:

Luffy and Zoro each witness Kaido’s subordinates waste food at the banquet and make fun of the poor people in the Land of Wano. Thinking of Otama, a small girl who liked red-bean soup so much, both Luffy and Zoro become infuriated and create turmoil.


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