One Piece Episode 986 Review


“Fighting Music! An Ability That Harms Luffy!”

So what we get in the first half here is what a lot of fans look forward to but I’ll admit does little for me lately. There’s a lot of posing and posturing as the various sides form up in order to fight and we get a few scuffles along the way. The animation does give it some extra oomph in terms of quality, but this is also the end of arc period – which can go on for some time – and often does boost up its quality. The designs look great for the characters that we see as they align around Luffy and Zoro in order to get a reward for taking them down. It’s amusing because you know that nobody in this group will be powerful enough to do so but that it may give them just enough of a fight to drag it out for a bit. It sets the stage nicely and while I’ve generally lost interest in a lot of these one-off types that the group has had to fight in this storyline, there are some interesting-looking ones here.


The back half does give us some time with Luffy and Zoro getting in on the fight side of things, though they’re trying to make sure they don’t go completely wild and use up all their energy since Kaido is their true and real opponent down the line. But they also take a few hits from creative attackers and powers, as expected, which gets things moving along nicely enough. In a way, it even feels like it slows things down some compared to what was going on before and lets it take a quieter approach since it’s not scored the same. It is a little surprising to see just how much they’re taken down along the way, but that just means a little being saved material is good to put into play to showcase the real changes going on under the surface in this fight with some of those that are adjusting their sides


In Summary:

After making a scene at the Golden Festival, Luffy and Zoro try to get away, but Queen announces his subordinates that anyone who catches them will be rewarded with a position in the Tobi Roppo. Scratchmen Apoo stands Luffy and Zoro’s way and with his ability to use music as a weapon, he launches unpredictable attacks which corner Luffy and Zoro.


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