One Piece Episode 989 Review

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“The Pact Between Men! The Fierce Fighting of Brachio Tank!”

Having the episode open on Chopper basically confronting her is hilarious because he does it while playing up the other side and trying to get her to just not get involved. And he almost gets away with it too as she doesn’t recognize him, which impresses the hell out of Usopp. But it only takes her a moment afterward to remember who he is and their past experiences and she gives hard and serious chase, which naturally has Chopper panicking like a Ren & Stimpy cartoon. It’s definitely fun to watch chopper in the vehicle he’s in because he’s so serious and they’re pushing back against some big cannon emplacements since he’s always been one of the more serious characters when things are in this mode. But it’s also comical because you have Big Mom right behind them getting closer and closer.


Naturally, a lot of the episode is made up of popping around to various places and checking in with the characters – and even some very minor flashback material for a couple of moments. A lot of it is getting a handle on the various gates and points of entrance to go after Kaido and seeing what kind of defenses are in place and how to get past them, with some sea foam stuff being used to negate powers without a huge fight. It’s good progress overall that helps to get a lot of the various forces inside and ready to strike when the bigger moments are closer. I was also glad to get a little more time with Nami and the gang, though I have to laugh that part of it is just complaining about how hot things are getting while she’s wearing almost the absolute least that she can. It’s not setting up for anything but it lets her tug at her top and that will be enough to delight a large chunk of fans.

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In Summary:

The furious Big Mom chases Brachio Tank driven by Chopper and Usopp, but they bravely fight back! Meanwhile, Kanjuro takes the battered and bruised Momonosuke to Kaido and Orochi, then breaks the news to them about Oden’s retainers who were thought to be dead.


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