One Piece Episode 991 Review


“Enemy or Ally? Luffy and Yamato!”

The opening half of the episode gives us some pretty good lighter comedy in terms of the fighting going on as we get Chopper and Usopp together in his machine, which has some minor transformation moments along the way, that makes for some good silliness as they really get underway. Part of the problem is figuring out who to go help since each of the groups are made up differently and they want to show off what they can do with their tank as well. While I do think they should have gone after Sanji, who went into the house with all the women, it’s no surprise that they just decide to advance on their own since the other groups are pretty powered up. Even if Big Mom is coming after some of them, since those like Nami are no pushovers themselves with their abilities and general skills.


While that dominates the first half with a little extra to it, the back half gives us some good time with Zoro as he continues to make his way through a lot of the rank and file opponents, and a few of those that are more colorful and powered up a bit. It’s done with the calm skill and presence that makes Zoro much fun to watch, especially with this current black outfit that he’s wearing. The back half skips around a bit too, such as showing how Luffy has been kidnapped by someone claiming to be Kaido’s son and we see some follow-up time with Ulti and Page One as others come to help them get back up and on track. Ulti’s anger is amusing as she’s ready for blood after being taken down so hard, but she’s starting to realize just how much damage her body has taken – to the point where she can’t follow Page One to go deal with things, adding a new level of shame to the mix for her.


In Summary:

Evading Ulti and Page One, strong members of the Tobi Roppo, Luffy tries to find out what Kaido’s son Yamato’s motive is. However, the two get in a fight. Taking Luffy’s punishing attacks, Yamato remembers someone he fought against in the past.



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