One Piece Episode 992 Review


“Desire to be Oden! Yamato’s Dream!”

The opening portion of this past the recap focuses on the bad dudes for a bit as they’re rallied to fight against what’s coming, which is amusing since you have some like Jimbei that are undercover and gathering intel and playing along, which isn’t easy. Robin is able to do it better but even she has her moments where things kind of just weird her out with the bad guys and how they talk and operate. What makes it worse is seeing Momonosuke up there on the cross, all beaten up, and being unable to rescue him for the moment. He is being valiant and pushing back at his captors, showing some real defiance, but he’s also taken a lot of serious hits here and it’s plainly visible across his face and body. That makes it even harder for Jimbei and the others to be there unable to do anything.


This episode also has Law and his group making their way closer to where Kaido is as they make their own landing at Onigashima. I continue to like this subplot even if it doesn’t get a ton of time as Law is definitely a favorite of mine, and it plays well with the more serious group that’s with him. There’s a nice reunion that plays out here with Kiku finding her brother Izo suddenly arriving, and with such a deep history as shown before with the time with Oden, it definitely works well for this group to reconnect more. While this unfolds, we see how Kaido is bringing things together and how his forces are truly rallied around him in a big way. It’s not given a lot of time toward the end but we get that made clear while also getting a couple of minutes with Luffy as well as he gets a little more key information that we knew from the flashback.


In Summary:

The Akazaya members who were on board Law’s Polar Tang finally reach Onigashima and see someone who they didn’t expect. Kaido’s son Yamato starts telling his story to Luffy, shares his passion, and reveals what’s behind his mask!


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