One Piece Episode 995 Review


“Raid! Inheriting Oden’s Will”

Everything has been building to this for a while and we have Kaido feeling completely confident in his position, as he should with the array of folks he has under his command and their vast powers. His continued taunting of Momonosuke undercuts his position, however, as it just pushes him to easy anger and simply looks pathetic across the board – even if he was a normal-sized person. He does his best to get Momonosuke to rescind his claim to being Kazuki and Toki’s son, and that’s certainly drawing a lot of attention, but it’s good to see him not break and even though he’s not strong enough to hold it together completely, you totally understand why he isn’t able to. This is an incredible weight and push on his soul and sanity psychologically with what’s going on and that he’s last this long is hugely impressive.


The back half of this focuses on various smaller action sequences but largely on Luffy as he continues to make progress moving forward with the “young master” whose presence is really surprising those that they come across. Yamao’s intensity plays well with what’s going on and helps to make things a bit more serious in a good way, but it’s Luffy that ends up dominating a good bit here because he’s intense as well, but he’s calm and collected in his approach, reading the situation just right. While the two of them could change the course of things and truly get the battle underway, Luffy understands that it’s Momonosuke that has to be the one to do so. He sees what he’s going through up on that X cross and knows that this is where Momonosuke’s story will really begin. Not all that came before, but from here, as he defines the new era from Wano should they win.


In Summary:

The Akazaya members start charging towards Kaido from the back of Onigashima. Meanwhile, at the Performance Floor, Kaido closes in on Momonosuke shivering in terror and asks him the ultimate question which will determine his fate.


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