One Piece Episode 996 Review


“Onigashima in Tumult! Luffy’s All-Out War Begins!”

With a slight semi-recap piece at the start, this episode just runs right into the action with the expansive cast at play and there’s plenty of running around and a good swelling of music. I continue to be amused that one of the more despised characters from the early days, Big Mom, manages to be one of the more “stable” characters in a way and the more interesting one as this fight unfolds and the push to save Mononosuke pushes harder. Of course, we’ve got Kaido and all those under his sway and loyalty to fight back but there are some really great moments where things calm down and get quiet for the dialogue, such as with Yamato making clear her path to the shock of others and Luffy looking like everything has just fallen apart. Which means it’s time for some fun action with his powers that I always enjoy.


Naturally, the show does jump around a bit to a few other things going on and we get some time with Nami and Carrot as their journey continues and it’s definitely fun to see how they’re working so hand in hand these days. Carrot has picked up well on that skillset that Nami has and they’re able to work down a number of the opponents they’re facing, though they do seem to be of the smaller and weirder variety where you can’t be sure what they’ll do. Nami’s really focused on going after Big Mom at this point in order to get Zeus back as this has really stung her, and I like that it moves us back easily into the fight that’s just getting underway between her and Luffy. Big Mom knows Luffy’s voice to be sure and with such a history between them, it makes her far more focused than she has been in quite some time and provides a true challenge for Luffy in this storyline.


In Summary:

The Akazaya members deliver a crushing blow to Kaido. Luffy and Yamato try to back them up, but Ulti stands in their way and Big Mom spots Luffy. Meanwhile, Nami and Carrot free themselves from their enemies and move on to take back Zeus!


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