One Piece Episode 998 Review


“Zeus’ Treason?! The Cornered Nami!”

A lot of the first half of this episode is about what you’d expect with the continuing running around, though it has a bigger moment as it progresses. Shinobou ends up taking quite the hit while dealing with the opposing side and it’s something that panics everyone until she pulls out of it. But for Momonosuke, it’s his chance at freedom with his chains breaking and him seemingly “flying” out into the open courtyard. He’s clearly got no idea what’s happening which adds to the weirdness of it all, but it’s not something that Kaido’s men will let happen for all that long. But they’re surprised to find that he’s basically in the middle of some kind of protective bubble. It’s always amusing when the bad guys are surprised like this, but when we get the reality of what’s going within that bubble as Sanji reveals himself, it’s one of the few really great moments of the past couple of dozen episodes for me. Sanji – and his particular costume here – is part of his great revolution overall in the series.


Sanji’s long been a favorite of mine, especially when he’s not stuck in just being driven by his libido, and after his arc with his family that feels like forever ago I’ve really wanted to see him step up like this. We’ve had hints of it but here he really gets to deliver well and I loved seeing the other Straw Hats so happy to see him executing like that. But as it takes a turn for the worse, Luffy puts things into motion with Yamato, but Big Mom is always there to throw a wrench into it. Big Mom still isn’t a complete favorite or anything, but they have made her more interesting over the last couple hundred episodes and seeing her bit with Nami here and the whole cloud thing that binds them together is definitely fun as there’s a weirdly strong emotional element to it that definitely works.


In Summary:

Shinobu tries to rescue the weakened Momonosuke but is found by King and attacked. On the other hand, Nami takes back Zeus from Big Mom and runs away but loses him again and gets chased by Zeus who is ordered to kill to her by Big Mom.


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