One Piece Ep. 1011 Review


“It’s Not Okay! The Spider lures Sanji!”

A good bit of the focus with this episode early on is with Sanji as he’s been asked to handle things at the level they’re at so the others can move forward a bit rather than be distracted. That has him stepping up and kicking ass as he does, but they’ve set a trap that’s pretty much designed for him when he hears a lot of screaming nearby. He’s not one to abandon women in need but it’s actually Black Maria that has constructed this to draw him in. And she fits the bill easily in how she can basically seduce and subdue him through the visual and the music so that all he’s seeing are hearts in his eyes. It’s fun to see him struggling for control here amid all of this, especially as he can see some others being all wrapped up in the background that she’s dealt with. But that said, Black Maria is a hard presence for him to just outright ignore, especially so quickly.


The show jumps around a decent bit beyond that as well, focusing on some of the different characters as the push forward continues. We do get some time with Chopper once again who has figured out the way to stave off the cold problem that’s slowly killing a lot of the bad guys but I like that he does make it clear that he’ll help anyone and everyone because of his medical background as it’s both the right thing to do and this kind of devil fruit death is just horrible. There’s definitely fun in there and in seeing how Zoro and Robin make their move forward more as well, making a solid strike back against Queen for a moment and just simply having Brook there as well. He’s had one of the weaker roles in this portion of the storyline overall, much to my disappointment, but it’s good to just have him there while serious things are moving forward with Zoro lading the way.


In Summary:

Sanji hears a woman’s scream for help and dashes into the room the scream can be heard from. However, it’s a trap set up by Black Maria of the Tobi Roppo. Meanwhile, Luffy and Jimbei who are trying to reach the rooftop get help from the unexpected.


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