One Piece Ep. 1014 Review


“Marco’s Tears! The Bond of the Whitebeard Pirates!”

The show doesn’t seem to be significantly different from what we had before overall, though I’m sure there will be plenty of quibbling over animation quality depending on one’s perceptions of the hack itself and how it left things. The show opens with extending more of what we had seen in the past with Ace and touching on that in the episode, which is certainly fun because I stupidly can’t get enough of Ace even though they shouldn’t really keep doing this with him as each instance does undercut his death just a bit more in my mind. At least the time with Whitebeard that’s added later in the episode is fun and it reminds of Oden as well, helping to tie things together. The episode also gives over some time to Chopper as he continues to work on the larger antidote that’s needed, which is good to see play out. Chopper’s medical side is a huge part of his introduction in the series and his reason for being a part of the crew as well, so allowing him and his group to work feverishly on it since so many have been consumed by the zombie-ice thing or whatever it is. Freeing them, especially the ones that are technically their enemies, helps to change the odds a bit.

episode-1014-review-mynakama-marco-zoro-wano-beat-king-and-queen at once

The episode does also keep the whole moving along thing going on and that has Usopp and Nami together with the kiddo and that means talking about the past some and helping her to get prepared for what’s to come in their own way. That she’s scared is no surprise considering what they’re facing but it’s some good inspirational material that helps her get into the right mindset for things. We also get a moment reconnecting with Momonosuke as he’s getting the encouragement he needs to keep going as well as part of the larger fight, which is certainly helpful. So much is being handled by these kids that any bit of help is good. The show also brings us a little time with Big Mom as we see her minions recharging with fire and lightning so that they’re fully powered up again for what’s ahead, and being fully bonded to Big Mom once again.


In Summary:

The formidable Lead Performers of the Animal Kingdom Pirates stand in Zoro’s way as he tries to get to the rooftop. Marco sees his late comrade in Zoro’s determination and tries to pave the way for him.

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