One Piece Ep. 1016 Review


“The Battle of the Monsters! The Three Stubborn Captains!!”

With the way events are shaking out, we definitely have a good group that has come around Luffy at this point as we see him with Zoro, Law, and a few other tough guys. Big Mom is trying to make things clear to Luffy about what he’s facing, but even Kaido isn’t quite sure what’s going on at this point in some ways as he’s not sure how Luffy is still standing after the Thunder Bagua that he hit him with. He clearly wasn’t holding back and you can see the intensity on both sides from that flashback moment. This provides for some good action in the first half or so as these two sides are facing off against each other but it’s also likely nowhere near an actual resolution in said fight, if this is even the last fight that will involve these characters. But it is nicely done and you do get a good sense of power between all involved.


The other side of it focuses on Sanji for a good bit as we see him dealing with what he’s up against, which is naturally a gaggle of female characters that have had varying levels of introduction. It turns comical in the way Sanji material does in how he deals with them initially but that’s been feeling tired for a bit, since it invariably leads to moaning with how it plays out. Thankfully, we do get to shift back to Luffy and the rest for a bit and it’s just enjoyable seeing how Law gets caught up in things here and finds himself going from being indifferent at best toward Luffy to being weirdly aligned with him. It mostly just shows how alike a lot of them are with the way the arguments play out, all while Big Mom is right there just waiting to get the fight going even more. But the reality is that these guys just fight better when they’re their most competitive and that spells trouble for Big Mom. 


We got some serious goosebumps in the scene which the haki of Luffy and Kaido crossed! Same with the attack of the Zoro against Kaido using his sword Enma. 


In Summary:

Luffy’s strong attack reminds Kaido of all the strong ones he’s ever met. On the other hand, Luffy, Law, and Kid keep quarreling amongst themselves. Meanwhile, Sanji is caught and interrogated by Black Maria in what he calls “heaven.”


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